ISO27001 and online betting slots

ISO27001 and online betting slots

As a CISA Auditor (Certified Information System Auditor) I am collaborating with a major online gambling slots company in its approval as an online gambling game for virtual casinos, according to the requirements of different countries. My first task has been to support the ISS phase (ethical hacking and information systems security audit), currently finding myself in the ISMS (information security management system) audit phase or which is the same, depending on the country, an important adaptation to the ISO27001 standard. We are facing a success story of ISO27001 and betting slots.

ISO27001 and online betting slots

As a CISA Auditor, I have spent years working for many companies of different sizes and sectors helping to improve their situation in information systems and digital strategy, specifically in the area of ​​security, relying on the ISO27001 standard.

The commitment to this security standard is key for this company and anyone who uses information systems in depth. Remember that information is one of the most important assets that a company has, its processes rely on them and its processes make its businesses viable, therefore not protecting them from the CDI (Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity) point of view is a risk. for not only business continuity but for legal compliance and Compliance.

In this success story I will summarize the milestones achieved and the current situation:

  • Information systems security audit applying ethical hacking techniques and pentesting tests to reveal the vulnerabilities of your systems that a hacker analyzes before attacking.
  • Correction of these few detected vulnerabilities.
  • Report to the certification body and obtain the first milestone, ISS passed.
  • Deep work with an online management tool of ISO27001 and other control points in ISMS.
  • Writing by me of all the recommendations to pass all the points of the ISO27001 and others.

At this moment we are at 60% of the work of this second phase, already entering the implementation of recommendations and review of the same of this development company of online gaming slots for virtual casinos, relying heavily on my experience as an ISO27001 auditor and Master in Cybersecurity.

Luis Vilanova Blanco. Online game auditor.