Electronic Private Prescription Consulting

Consultoria de receta médica privada electrónica

Electronic Private Prescription Consulting

These days he was able to conduct another electronic private medical prescription audit for an internationally established company with a healthcare solution, telemedicine, which wants to incorporate the requirements of the WTO approval to obtain approval. In this case, my job is to explain all the requirements that this approval requires of us so that the client can develop, my job being a combination of requirements consulting and auditor. Electronic private medical prescription consulting.

Electronic Private Prescription Consulting

Being the main auditor in Spain of electronic private medical prescription he helped and I continue helping companies that have computer solutions for private telemedicine and prescription to comply with the requirements that the WTO grants for their approval, involving from the beginning, delivering requirements documents that I myself have designed and developed to facilitate the work of third companies, as well as weekly monitoring of progress and modification of questions. We estimate that in a matter of 8 weeks the company must have adapted its processes to the needs of the approval, including issues such as:

Patient management.
Tutors management.
Physicians management
Medication management
Narcotics management
Prescription and treatment management
Electronic signature of recipes.
Identification of the doctor and patient.
Dispensing through interoperability with Nodofarma.
Data protection compliance.
Information security requirements.
Patient information sheet. HIP.
High privacy recipes PIN.
Among other issues …

Among my own requirements, my own recipe and HIP designs, among other documents, we get them to translate the requirements inventoried by the WTO into the requirements that the technical team knows and will be able to implement, thus ensuring that the company, if it develops what the needs I ask you, you can be approved by the WTO.

We map requirements of the homologation to functional requirements, in a list of tasks that we mark its degree of progress as well as in red necessary requirements that require additional effort or clarification.

Luis Vilanova Blanco. Principal consultant and auditor for electronic private medical prescription in Spain.