WEBINAR audit Anti-Fraud Law Article 201 bis law 11-2021

WEBINAR auditoria Ley AntiFraude Artículo 201 bis ley 11-2021

WEBINAR audit Anti-Fraud Law Article 201 bis law 11-2021

As auditor of other certifications for important national entities such as the Tax Agency, Collegiate Medical Organization, Ministry of Industry, banking entities, etc. on September 15 we will give a talk about our audit report of the new anti-fraud law Article 201 bis law 11 -2021 where it is required that all business management software, related to invoices, accounting, stock management, etc. do not allow, among other issues, the manipulation of improper records or the possibility of cash B. Here the link to register https://www.tecnowebinars.com/webinar/47602

WEBINAR audit Anti-Fraud Law Article 201 bis law 11-2021

In this webinar we will talk about successful cases such as our independent audit report, signed by a CISA auditor by ISACA (Certified Information System Auditor) and an expert collaborating with the courts, including in the report:

That the software does not have double accounting capabilities, does not reflect the annotation of transactions made, allow certain “special” transactions to be illegally recorded as well as other issues.
Measures and controls applied to ensure the integrity, conservation, accessibility, readability, traceability and inalterability of the records, without interpolations, omissions or alterations of which the proper annotation is not left in the systems themselves.
Possible adhesion documents regarding the obligations that the client could be required to assume as in onpremise facilities regarding password custody, backup copies, system updates, etc.
Other issues based on good industry practices and other countries that already have similar legislation in force, such as ISO27001, ISO27017 and others in force in European countries and regions.

Our clients who have already worked with us in August 2021 obtain a report that, in addition to the above points, helps them to:

Demonstrate to their clients the professionalism and concern regarding this still undefined legal framework in their certification process.
Increase the degree of compliance with the certification process as it will be based on good industry practices.
Have an independent report that will include proposals for improvements and an action plan.
Other issues that will help our customers in the continuous improvement of their products.


We look forward to this webinar reminding you that we have until mid-October to audit your billing and accounting software.

Luis Vilanova Blanco. Auditor CISA y perito colaborador con la justicia.



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