WEBINAR: Digital transformation yes, but safe: ISO 27001


WEBINAR: Digital transformation yes, but safe: ISO 27001

On June 25, 2020 I will teach the Digital Transformation Webinar yes, but surely: ISO 27001 where we will review and see a tool that allows us to speed up the adoption times of this information security standard.

WEBINAR: Digital transformation yes, but safe: ISO 27001

The digital transformation is increasing the use of Cloud and App solutions, bringing the adoption of digital technologies by companies several years ahead. Both the companies that develop software, and the client companies of these partners, must increasingly worry about security measures and their own and other information systems. Exposure of systems on the internet is a common factor in almost all companies and this carries risks. Every day more standards such as ISO27001 (and ISO27017) are requested by customers without suppliers to establish business relationships with each other. For example, an automobile component manufacturing company will not be able to work for a major customer if it does not demonstrate its concern about information security measures. ISO27001 is a standard that ensures that the company complies with the information security measures that a third party may request, from adequately developed contracts, anti-malware and firewall measures, internal employee training, safe work procedures, adequate backups, adequate management of the change of their systems, correct management of information security incidents, etc.

The ISO27001 standard is increasingly requested by customers who want to ensure that their supplier complies and is aware of security measures that guarantee confidentiality, privacy, chain of custody, traceability of actions, and without which sometimes the contract between both parties. The standard can be implemented without the need to apply for the quality seal, already demonstrating compliance with third parties. Customers can simply ask their suppliers to demonstrate that they have an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO27001 without forcing the supplier to have the quality one or to demand it.

The ISO27001 standard also affects not only the security of the information but also the improvement of the company’s work, by worrying about processes such as change management, incident management, continuous improvement, etc.

In this presentation we will also see how, through an ISO27001 management tool, we can accelerate its implementation and take control of the information security of our company and the relationship with suppliers, customers and third parties.

We can see how the Instant27001 tool helps us with everything related to the adoption of this standard. We wait for you.

Luis Vilanova Blanco. CISA Auditor by ISACA, trained in ISO27001 by SGS and ISO27017 by BSI.



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